Ancient Egypt in Victus Game – Cats, Pharaohs and Beer

“Beer is evidence that God loves us and want us to be happy” said Benjamin Franklin in the 20th century, but Egyptians knew it as far as 3500 B.C. when they were already brewing and savoring the divine drink. It turns out they were familiar with the secrets of good living even then, but we […]

Drawing characters with character – An Interview With Victus Game’s Lead Artist Velislav Ivanov

Ave, friends! This week we decided to introduce to you an important member of Victus Game’s team. Velislav Ivanov is our Lead Character Artist, taking care of the looks of the units in the game and its interface. Villy may be a quiet guy, but if there’s a proof for the “a picture is worth thousand words” […]

Ancient Rome in Victus Game – Iron, Blood and Insane Emperors

Ave, friends! Our second post on Victus’ s blog is dedicated to the Roman Empire. For a real-time online strategy game that has a Latin name you can easily figure that we might find Romans appealing. And you’ll be right – we love them. Just think about it… It all started from an ancient city… established […]