10 Reasons To Open a Gaming Studio in Bulgaria

Ave, friends! This week’s post started as a reflection of the decision we took more than a year ago – to start a gaming venture in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The more we discussed whether or not you can achieve something big when starting so far from where big things happen, the more we […]

84 Useful Links For The Aspiring Game Developers (Because Sharing is Caring)

As we’ve been around for almost two months(plus an year in incognito mode) and we are getting close to the launch of Victus Game, this time we decided to dedicate a post on our blog not to our development process, but to the community of fellow developers and gaming enthusiasts, struggling day to day to find […]

New Brain Behind The Game: Game Designer Rado ‘Gadina’ Mirchev

Ave, friends! As we promised last week, today we introduce to you our new team member – Rado! He will be the master mind behind Victus Game’s economics and balance. We didn’t suppose that finding a game designer in Bulgaria would be such a hard task and we we were certainly lucky because when we finally met Rado […]