Задава се сезон 3 на Victus

Здравейте, приятели!   Говори блогът на Victus. На лятото му се вижда краят, всички се прибрахме от морета и планини и с нетърпение очакваме началото на новия сезон. Но преди да ви разкажем за него, нека ви споделим как минаха последните месеци за нас.   Направихме сериозни технически промени във Victus Както знаете, начело на […]

Първият стажант във Victus

Днес ще ви представим първия стажант на Victus Games – Ангелина. Тя ще прекара 6 седмици “в кухнята” на Victus и ще помага в комуникацията на проекта, ще създава съдържание за социалните мрежи и ще развива своя собствена задача.   Здрасти, Ани, ти си нашият първи стажант (Горко ти…). Успя да ни впечатлиш с опита […]

Здравейте, приятели! Сезон 2 на Victus приключи още през април с оспорвана битка за челните места в последните дни. Оттогава сървърите ни са затворени, а ние се готвим усилено за началото на следващия сезон на нашата игра. Тъй като вие, нашите играчи, приятели и фенове, сте най-важни за нашето развитие, днес решихме да ви разкажем […]

All we need to know about Victus Season Two

Hello there, friends of Victus! There we are, just few months after Season One, after lots of development and testing we opened our servers on Monday for another episode of the clash of Ancient civilizations called Victus Game. To be sure you’re ready for it, we decided to share with you few tips for the ongoing […]

The Engineer, the Crafter, the Artist: Interview with Victus’s Lead 3D Artist Krassi Momchilov

Hello, dear friends of Victus! We may not be that loud recently, but it’s been crazy over here since we’ve been testing Victus for almost two weeks now. Our Open Beta release date is knocking on the door and we’re doing our best to present you a stable and entertaining Victus on October 3rd. We’ve been […]

Dev update: Gaming Awards, A Trip, Open Beta Release Date and more…

(also published as a Kickstarter update) Hey guys, long time no see! Or read…? Oh, nevermind. Oh, we know you missed us, but don’t worry! Here in Sofia summer is going very well and we have some really cool news to share. 1. We were nominated for the first time for a gaming award (and aaalmost […]

4 Successful Indie Game Projects on Kickstarter That Can Shape Yours Too

When we began our Kickstarter journey three months ago having no idea what we are doing, our natural instinct was to look around and see what others have done and sort of search for inspiration and build on. We spent numerous days browsing Kickstarter, reading campaign descriptions over and over, calculating tiers, shaping goals and watching videos. The countless list […]

10 Reasons To Open a Gaming Studio in Bulgaria

Ave, friends! This week’s post started as a reflection of the decision we took more than a year ago – to start a gaming venture in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The more we discussed whether or not you can achieve something big when starting so far from where big things happen, the more we […]

Ancient Egypt in Victus Game – Cats, Pharaohs and Beer

“Beer is evidence that God loves us and want us to be happy” said Benjamin Franklin in the 20th century, but Egyptians knew it as far as 3500 B.C. when they were already brewing and savoring the divine drink. It turns out they were familiar with the secrets of good living even then, but we […]

Hello world – We’re on air!

Welcome to the official blog of Victus Game: Rewrite History! After months of research, development, fine tuning and  making up history jokes, we decided to show up to the world and introduce ourself. We are Victus Games – a newborn independent gaming studio located in Sofia, Bulgaria and we are currently working on our first […]