10-те грешки, които ММО играчите допускат

Светът на ММО-тата може да бъде доста сложен, особено за новите играчи. Има много начини да сбъркате или да вземете грешно решение докато се учите. Дори и ММО ветераните грешат и това им струва скъпо. Затова решихме да ви помогнем преди началото на сезон 3 като ви изредим 10-те най-често срещани грешки в света на […]

10те Най-Влиятелни Египетски Божества

Помните ли фестивалите във Victus? Всяка цивилизация в нашата игра има храм, в който се празнуват фeстивали. Докато те траят, играчите получават определени бонуси, по-големи добиви и други предимства. Тъй като всеки фестивал е в името на истински бог от египетската митология, решихме днес да ви разкажем малко повече за 10те най-влиятелни божества за египтяните. […]

All we need to know about Victus Season Two

Hello there, friends of Victus! There we are, just few months after Season One, after lots of development and testing we opened our servers on Monday for another episode of the clash of Ancient civilizations called Victus Game. To be sure you’re ready for it, we decided to share with you few tips for the ongoing […]

From Concept To Final Artwork: 17 Steps to An Outstanding Character Design

Hello there, dear friends of Tutankhamun, Julius and Leonidas. Here at Victus we are the luckiest guys in the world for having the chance to work with two awesome artists. Villy joined Victus first and he’s responsible for the game’s units so far. You can learn more about Villy on our blog. Niki is responsible […]

Ancient Egypt in Victus Game – Cats, Pharaohs and Beer

“Beer is evidence that God loves us and want us to be happy” said Benjamin Franklin in the 20th century, but Egyptians knew it as far as 3500 B.C. when they were already brewing and savoring the divine drink. It turns out they were familiar with the secrets of good living even then, but we […]

Ancient Rome in Victus Game – Iron, Blood and Insane Emperors

Ave, friends! Our second post on Victus’ s blog is dedicated to the Roman Empire. For a real-time online strategy game that has a Latin name you can easily figure that we might find Romans appealing. And you’ll be right – we love them. Just think about it… It all started from an ancient city… established […]