Dev update: Gaming Awards, A Trip, Open Beta Release Date and more…

(also published as a Kickstarter update)

Hey guys, long time no see! Or read…? Oh, nevermind.

Oh, we know you missed us, but don’t worry! Here in Sofia summer is going very well and we have some really cool news to share.

1. We were nominated for the first time for a gaming award (and aaalmost won)


Victus was among the finalists in the “Most Anticipated Game” category at the First Bulgarian Game Awards. It was a spectacular ceremony, we walked on a red carpet and stuff. Psst, the winner in our category is right now running a campaign – check out Among Thieves!

2. We went on a road trip

As we may or may not have mentioned, half of Victus team is situated in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, and the other guys are doing their magic in our biggest coastal city – Varna.


At the end of June we decided to work together for a week and Sofia team hit the road to join Varna team. We resolved some important issues, planned our moves, fought a little (game designer vs. programmers you know) and of course chilled by the sea.

Happy Victus Team in Varna
Happy Victus Team in Varna


3. The big news…is that we’re almost ready to release our Beta!



Yup, we are starting some Friends-and-Family Beta tests in a week and the official Victus Game: Rewrite History Open Beta is going live on September 15th together with our brand new website and everyone is invited to the party! Of course, if you are experienced in testing and would like to give us some early feedback, you may join our closed beta – share with us your testing experience (via email to and you may get beta keys before anyone else!


4. You liked those t-shirts? 

Don’t worry, soon you’ll be able to purchase the Victus t-shirts and support us – we decided to include a shop on our new website. Neat? 🙂



6. Bonus: An updated hoplite warrior.

We are reworking a bit some of the characters and today we decided to share an updated greek hoplite. What do you think?


So far, so good. We really hope that you enjoy your summer as much as we do.

Back to making Victus epic. See you really soon.

 Victus Team

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