Drawing characters with character – An Interview With Victus Game’s Lead Artist Velislav Ivanov


Ave, friends! This week we decided to introduce to you an important member of Victus Game’s team. Velislav Ivanov is our Lead Character Artist, taking care of the looks of the units in the game and its interface. Villy may be a quiet guy, but if there’s a proof for the “a picture is worth thousand words” maxim, this must be him as his visuals speak aloud. Plus, we, the other members of the team, hate him because of his mad CS:GO skills…

We asked Villy some questions and this is what he told us.

Tell us more about you background. Why drawing? How did you start? What did you study?

I studied print and graphic design. After that I found a job as a graphic designer. It took me several years to realize it wasn’t the thing I truly wanted to do. I was always passionate about illustrations and that was the perfect time to try it out. And here we are.  : )

Work in Progress

Tell us about your best projects before Victus. What did you do? What are you proud of?

THE ONE. The project that really made a mark for me was a personal project, a short 3d animation, that took more than two years to complete. It’s called Flight, and it’s about Kriss, a penguin, who is determined to achieve something that no other penguin has achieved. If we talk about games. I always tried to push myself to find projects that I really care about, so it’s really hard to pick one.

And this is how we draw a Roman warrior. Cool, huh? More from our Lead Character Artist: next week on Victus Game’s Blog! https://play.victusgame.com/blog/

Posted by Victus Game: Rewrite History on Friday, 12 February 2016

Ok, enough for the other projects. What do you do for Victus? Why do you love the project (you do, right?), what do you want to achieve?

I work as an illustrator mainly, but I also do some of the UI design also. My main work involves creating the units for the game. But I do all kinds of stuff.
Of course, I love the project (I said what you wanted. Please don’t kill me.).
We are really working towards our vision of comical and charismatic art for the game. Something to have fun with.

Tell us more on the characters you draw for Victus. Where do you look for inspiration, how do you do your history research, what drawing style do you apply and why?

The characters are joy to work on. The creative process is not demanding. The style that we picked for them opens all kinds of crazy ideas. The inspiration comes mainly from our imagination, but we do try to be accurate on some historical points. 😉


Which character so far was the most challenging one? Which one is your personal favorite?

The War Chariot was the most challenging in matter of how long it took to be done.
My favorite… I would pick the Egyptian spearman for his cheeky face or the Roman spy for his evil grin.


What will you draw next?

Next on the list are the Greek units. The whole happy family of merciless warriors. 😉

How does a typical workday for a character artist look like?

You come to the office, have a laugh or two with the colleagues, and then it’s time for work. Every sketch for a character is preapproved, and we have them all in a character sheets for each race. I pick one that I think best suits my mood for the day and start to develop him.


Well, thank you, Villy!

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