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About Victus

We are a young Bulgarian gaming startup working on our debut game – Victus Game: Rewrite History. Victus Game is a mass multiplayer online real time strategy or simply a browser strategy game set in Ancient times. Your goal is to build a city and wage wars against other players to finish at the top of our rank list.


About the Bootcamp

For two years we’ve built a strong online presence and although our game is still in Beta we are already managing a community of devoted players.

We decided that the right time has come to pass along our knowledge of online marketing communication to some bright young creatives out there.

This is our Bootcamp – a 6-week program in which you’ll experience what it is like to take care of the communication of a real product, including Social Media Marketing, Ads Planning and Placement, Research, Project Management and PR.

Throughout the Bootcamp you’ll deal with real projects, work on personal assignments and build a junior level job-ready portfolio.




Don’t expect an internship where you’ll do mundane office work only or stare at the ceiling all day long. Prepare to work hard (flexible hours though) on a 6-week calendar with scheduled tasks  that will cover almost all aspects of the typical online marketing communication workflow.

You’ll get basic experience in Social Media Marketing and Planning, Analytics, Research, Blogging, Project Management and PR.

Along the course you’ll work on a personal project and develop a small portfolio you’ll be able to send to future employers.


This bootcamp is for you if you are:

– Graduate or Student in you last year of study in Marketing & Advertising/Journalism/Language Studies/Business Studies

– Interested in Technologies, Social Media, Blogging, Advertising, Copywriting, PR

– Relatively Tech savvy and a quick learner

– Creative and curious

– Looking for a full time job but lacking the necessary experience

– Proficient in Bulgarian and advanced in English


What You’ll Get

– Experience on working on a real product and real tasks

– Portfolio with examples of your work for Victus for future applications

– Killer recommendation

– Your CV sent to a list of our partner companies after the bootcamp



To Apply:

Send us an email to before April 30th, featuring:

Your CV

A short letter. Start with few words about yourself, then answer why you are interested in Online Marketing and finally tell us about something you’ve started  (whether a Facebook page, a movement in school or a rock band).

Oh, and please don’t fear to be creative, we hate to read boring stuff

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