All we need to know about Victus Season Two

Hello there, friends of Victus!

There we are, just few months after Season One, after lots of development and testing we opened our servers on Monday for another episode of the clash of Ancient civilizations called Victus Game.

To be sure you’re ready for it, we decided to share with you few tips for the ongoing season.

What’s new?


No more disasters – hard cap

  1. Do you remember the annoying disasters – giant rats, burning warehouses, floods… The disaster system was meant to to introduce soft limits in the game. You could store more than the capacity of your warehouse but there was a chance to lose it all too.
  2. Anyway, we couldn’t implement the disasters properly so we decided to put them aside for the time being.
  3. In Season Two you won’t be able to store more resourses than the capacity of your warehouses.
Buildings’ new levels

In Season two you’ll finish the first levels of your buildings in seconds and the production and military buildings will have 30 levels. This feature will bring more gameplay and more strategy to the game.


Help menu

We now have a sort of wiki! The Help Menu is there to answer your most frequent questions about our game. If you wonder how and why to construct your buildings, how to wage war and what Victus points actually mean, hit the help menu and read more about it. And don’t forget – we’re still here to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to ask us too. 😉


The Quests

Our pride! We believe that the quests are one of the most important new features for this season. What is that? It gives our players a wide variety of missions. Complete them, and you will be rewarded! Quests will pop up based on your development, but there will be daily missions too.




“Smart” NPCs

We present you the “smart” NPC cities! Not only will they produce valuable resources, but they will train their own army too! Each city will produce two kinds of resources only.

On Level 1 the NPC produces a certain amount of resources and trains a certain number and kind of soldiers. When the NPC loses 3 battles it will gain a level.

On Level 2 the NPC will produce more resources and will have a larger army. 4 more defeats  and it will once again step up to the next level and so on.

Each player will have a private NPC city visible only to them. It is marked with an eye on the map.


More info on the NPC cities may spoil your gameplay so we’ll let you explore them by yourselves 😉


The Generals

The generals are an important new feature. We introduced them in order to put an end to the unlimited attacks and the so called “farming” (the constant raids towards NPCs and other players).

The generals will lead your armies in battles. When you build your barracks you’ll receive your first general. He’ll lead every new march. In order to send one, the general will have to be present in your town. In order to receive more generals, you’ll have to research military technologies in your library.


How to use the gold

As we promised, we’ll test the implementation of gold in the gameplay.

How to get gold? By completing missions and besting NPCs.

Can you steal others’ gold? Certainly not.

What to use gold for? You can use gold to construct your buildings faster and to bring your armies back quicker in town after battle.


The new messages system

We decided to gather all types of messages and reports in a single menu. You’ll see the different tabs on the left – personal, military and alliance messages.

When you receive a new message you’ll see a bottom left screen notification and your post box will be marked in red.


Units properties


If you open the soldiers training menu you’ll notice all their properties:

  • Speed, Initiative, Position, Range, Type, Attack, Critical chance, Defense, Load.

When you hover over a property you’ll see a tooltip explaining it. Learn more about the units in the help menu.

Possible issues

As we are still in Open Beta, so we aren’t going to hide that there will be problems. We even decided to give you a heads up on some of the current bugs. We’ll be thankful if you notify us about any problems you may find. You can do so on our Facebook page or via our Feedback Menu.

The possible issues:

  • There might be missing information in the quests’ descriptions.
  • Technologies’ and buildings’ bonuses might not work properly at all times.
  • There might be issues with improperly calculated time for some marches.
  • There might be lagging menus, especially the building menu, training menu and library menu.
  • Information in the user interface might not update properly after an action has been completed. In the event of this happening, refresh your browser.
  • At this very moment the game is best optimized for Chrome. We are working on the optimization for other popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari and IE.


Let’s rewrite history!

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